About M&R Durango, Inc. Insectary

M&R Durango, Inc. is a dynamic company dedicated to the biological control of insect pests. We are concerned about your agricultural insect problem(s) and pride ourselves on personalized control programs tailored to meet your needs. M&R Durango looks forward to servicing your pest control needs, economically and ecologically.

We believe that the practice of routinely applying chemicals to fruits, flowers, crops and vegetables in order to kill pests is potentially dangerous to other plant and animal species, and the biosphere in general. In addition, this practice is becoming less efficient and impractical.

M&R Durango, Inc. has been in operation since January of 1989. We are the producer of Nolo Bait (A biocontrol agent containing Paranosema (Nosema) locustae for grasshopper control). If you are interested in more information concerning our products, or if you would like ordering information please click here.

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Lee Anne Merrill, President
M&R Durango, Inc.

We are a proud producer member of the:
Association of Natural Biocontrol Producers (ANBP)